Enhancing ICT Services and Operational Efficiency in Healthcare


Strategic ICT Services Review and Roadmap Development for Operational Efficiency in Healthcare

Client: Calvery

Overview: Calvary executives engaged Sunstone to conduct a Strategic Services Review project, aiming to identify and address root causes of existing ICT constraints. The goal was to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to resolve identified issues and improve operational efficiency. The review encompassed various healthcare services, including admissions, medical records management, and bed allocation. Sunstone’s analysis identified gaps and improvement opportunities across administrative and clinical activities, leading to the delivery of frameworks, business cases, and benefits management plans to implement the identified solutions.
Challenges: Calvary faced several challenges in their ICT services and healthcare operations, such as:
  • Lack of ICT strategy alignment: The absence of an aligned ICT strategy hindered the acquisition and implementation of technology that supported business goals.
  • Inconsistent governance: Inadequate governance systems resulted in inconsistencies in implementing standards and policies across different organizational areas and locations.
  • Operational inefficiencies: Gaps in strategy, planning, policy, processes, and technology affected administrative and clinical activities, reducing overall efficiency and effectiveness.
Solution: Sunstone worked closely with Calvary to develop and implement a comprehensive solution to address the identified challenges. The key components of the solution included:
  • Portfolio Management: Sunstone conducted a thorough review of Calvary’s ICT and healthcare services portfolio, ensuring alignment with business strategy. They defined a portfolio of programs and projects required to address the identified gaps and improvement opportunities.
  • Capability Assurance Framework (CAF): The CAF provided a governance structure and business rules for ICT capability lifecycle management. It guided the identification of gaps, opportunities, design, investment, delivery, transition, integration, sustainment, and disposal. The CAF facilitated informed decision-making at various levels and ensured enterprise-wide integration.
  • Business Analysis: Sunstone conducted in-depth business analysis across multiple private hospitals, examining the patient journey from pre-admission to discharge for various healthcare services. They identified gaps, risks, and improvement opportunities in administrative and clinical services. Analysis outcomes included considerations for quality improvements, feasibility studies, business models, and business cases.
  • Benefits Management: Sunstone delivered a detailed Benefits Realisation Plan, focusing on anticipated cashable, non-cashable, and non-financial benefits resulting from implementing the project’s recommendations. They collaborated closely with Calvary’s executive and frontline staff to identify maximum improvements and developed a Benefits Map to demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationship of implementing the recommendations. A Benefits Distribution Matrix was also created to ensure equitable distribution of benefits among stakeholders.
Results: Through the engagement with Sunstone, Calvary achieved significant improvements in their ICT services and operational efficiency. The key outcomes were:
  • Aligned ICT Strategy: Calvary now has an ICT strategy aligned with business goals and needs, enabling the informed acquisition of technology.
  • Enhanced Governance: The implementation of a governance system ensures consistent compliance with standards and policies across all organizational areas and locations.
  • Streamlined Operations: Identified gaps in administrative and clinical activities were addressed, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Benefits Realization: The Benefits Realisation Plan and associated frameworks enabled Calvary to measure and maximize anticipated benefits, leading to improved business operations and objectives.
Conclusion: Calvary’s partnership with Sunstone allowed the organization to overcome ICT constraints and enhance healthcare services. By aligning the ICT strategy, improving governance, streamlining operations, and focusing on benefits realization, Calvary achieved operational excellence and improved patient care. Sunstone’s expertise and comprehensive approach played a crucial role in guiding Calvary toward success in their transformation journey.

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