How do we work?

Collaboratively. Wholistically. Positively. Pragmatically. Partnered with you. Equipping you with the expert knowledge necessary to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

A way of working that works for you.

At Sunstone, while we have our unique approach to thinking and operating, we don’t subscribe to rigid, one-size-fits-all methodologies. We understand that your project is distinct, as are your expectations and requirements.

Yet, we adhere to a guiding philosophy. It will serve you as proficiently and effectively as the carefully chosen team of seasoned specialists we assemble for your unique project.

Clarity and certainty, at every stage of your project.

Listen intently. Grasp priorities, tackle challenges, and comprehend objectives.
Define the problem, quickly and clearly. The whole problem.
Develop a suite of solutions, then recommend, plan, cost and execute the right one.

The key word is ‘experienced’.

Our profound experience in government and Defence sectors enables us to adeptly navigate and apply industry and governmental methodologies and frameworks.

Equally vital, our expertise allows us to accelerate your project, delivering not just documentation, but tangible outcomes that bolster your return on investment.

The right talent and tech.
The right decisions.

No excess staffing. No unwarranted delays. Seamless collaboration with other departments or partners. A thorough approach with no stone left unturned, ensuring no unpleasant surprises later. Regardless of the technical intricacy, financial constraints or logistical complexities of your project.

In other words, we’re the a-word.

You know the word. Everyone uses it, even when they shouldn’t. Agile.

Difference is, at Sunstone we have the flat hierarchy, experienced team and problem-solving culture that means we really are. Small enough to be nimble, yet big on technical expertise. Right in the Goldilocks zone.

Does our approach to work work?

See for yourself. Read about some of our recent advisory projects for clients in Defence and across government.

Maximise your ROI and impact. Minimise doubt and delays.

Tap into all the specialist analytical, project management and execution smarts you need.
Expedite even the most technically, financially and logistically nebulous or complex projects, with clarity and confidence.

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