Enterprise Architecture for Icon Water


Enterprise Architecture, setting a solid foundation for Icon’s digital transformation journey.

Client: Icon Water

To inform and support several ICT transformation initiatives, Sunstone was engaged by Icon Water to identify, understand, and develop its end-to-end enterprise architecture.

Icon, a prominent organisation, sought to enhance its enterprise architecture across various domains, including strategy, business, information systems, integration, security, and technology. They needed a comprehensive solution to align their strategies, optimise business services, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. To address these challenges, they engaged Sunstone, to understand and document Icon’s enterprise architecture.

Under the leadership of Sunstone’s engagement lead, a systematic approach was adopted to develop an end-to-end architecture metamodel based on the TOGAF Architecture Development Method. The team utilised the ArchiMate notation and Sparx EA to create a robust architecture repository. Extensive stakeholder engagement and thorough analysis of existing documentation were conducted to gather vital information for the development of the architecture.

The focus of the project was on understanding and modelling information exchanges between major systems within Icon, such as billing, asset management, workforce management, and SCADA. This in-depth analysis led to the creation of a detailed three-tier enterprise conceptual data model, enabling Icon to gain a comprehensive understanding of their information architecture.

The established architecture framework provided Icon with the ability to ensure alignment between strategies, business services, information/data needs, application portfolio, technology landscape, and enterprise transformation activities. It facilitated compliance with regulatory requirements, enabled effective change impact analysis, and supported decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Sunstone’s specialist advice played a crucial role in addressing specific pain points and gaps identified in Icon’s current state architecture. The consultancy team provided recommendations for implementing key capabilities, including enterprise integration services, data governance and management, and business process modelling. These proposals aimed to optimise Icon’s operations, enhance data quality and integrity, and improve overall efficiency.

The collaboration between Sunstone and Icon resulted in a successful transformation of Icon’s enterprise architecture. The new architecture enabled the organisation to streamline their processes, improve governance practices, and optimise data management. As a result, Icon experienced enhanced operational effectiveness, improved compliance, and a solid foundation for future growth.

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