Identifying Critical Thinkers at Sunstone: A Director’s Perspective on Job Interviews

Our interview process

As a director at Sunstone, I understand the importance of hiring candidates with strong critical thinking skills. These individuals contribute significantly to our organization’s growth and success by effectively solving problems, making informed decisions, and adapting to new situations.

To ensure that we bring the best critical thinkers on board, we have developed strategies to help identify these individuals during the interview process.

Ask open-ended questions

At Sunstone, we believe that open-ended questions enable candidates to provide more detailed answers, allowing them to showcase their critical thinking skills. Instead of merely inquiring about their experiences or qualifications, we challenge them to analyze situations or solve problems.

For example, “Can you describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision at work? What factors did you consider, and how did you arrive at your decision?”

Present hypothetical scenarios

We present hypothetical scenarios to observe how candidates approach complex problems and assess their ability to think critically. This is particularly helpful for positions that require quick decision-making and problem-solving skills.

For example, “Imagine you are faced with a tight deadline and conflicting priorities from two different projects at Sunstone. How would you handle this situation?”

Encourage candidates to ask questions

At Sunstone, we value candidates who ask insightful questions, as it is an essential aspect of critical thinking. We encourage them to ask questions throughout the interview to better understand the role, our company, and any challenges they may face.

This approach provides valuable insights into their thought process and how they approach new information.

Look for signs of adaptability

Critical thinkers can adapt to new situations and learn from their experiences. We ask candidates about times when they’ve had to adjust their approach to overcome a challenge or adapt to a changing environment.

This helps us gauge their ability to think on their feet and respond to unforeseen obstacles at Sunstone.

Assess their communication skills

Strong critical thinking skills go hand in hand with effective communication. We pay close attention to how candidates articulate their thoughts and present their ideas during the interview. Are they able to convey complex concepts clearly and concisely?

Can they listen actively and respond thoughtfully to our questions? These qualities can be strong indicators of critical thinking abilities.

Observe their reasoning process

When candidates share their thought processes during the interview, we pay close attention to how they break down problems, analyze information, and draw conclusions. Do they consider multiple perspectives and weigh the pros and cons of different options?

Are they able to identify potential risks and develop contingency plans? These observations help us determine whether a candidate possesses strong critical thinking skills.

Looking out for Good Humans

At Sunstone, we understand the importance of hiring good humans because they make a substantial difference in the work environment and the way we serve our clients. Good humans will always do the right thing by us and our clients, ensuring that we maintain an excellent reputation and foster long-lasting relationships.

When we have a team of good humans, they naturally fit in with each other, creating a harmonious and productive atmosphere in the workplace. They are enjoyable to work with, bringing positivity and enthusiasm to the office, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Moreover, good humans are security-aware, taking their responsibilities seriously and diligently following protocols to safeguard our clients’ information and the integrity of our projects. By prioritizing the hiring of good humans, Sunstone ensures that our team consists of ethical, responsible, and dedicated individuals who will contribute to our company’s success and reputation.


In conclusion, as a director at Sunstone, I recognize the value of spotting critical thinkers in job interviews through careful observation and strategic questioning. By employing these strategies, we can identify individuals with the critical thinking abilities necessary for our organization’s continued success.

We want to advise our prospective employee’s what we are looking for to give you the best opportunity to look good in the interview and prove to us that you will fit in with Susntones ethos

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