Navigating Investment Case Development for the Australian Defence College


Shaping the Future of Defence Learning

Client: Australian Defence College

Challenge : The Australian Defence College (ADC) was facing a complex task: developing a comprehensive Investment Case for the Defence Learning Technology Environment (DLTE). This challenge required a detailed project plan, precise cost and workforce planning models, and strategic assurance activities, all within a tight timeframe and a complex operating environment.

The SYPAQ and Sunstone Advantage : SYPAQ with the Sunstone delivery team was perfectly positioned to address ADC’s needs, thanks to our robust experience with Defence technology implementation and uplift projects. Our team possessed a deep understanding of the people, processes, and policies within the Defence Learning Environment, which was critical in mapping the roadmap to the desired DLTE future state.

Our Approach : With a clear grasp of the core requirements, Sunstone embarked on leading the DLTE Investment Case development. Our approach incorporated an analysis of the Education and Training Enterprise ICT Roadmap to construct a detailed project plan. We developed accurate program and sustainment cost models, and workforce planning model to underpin the Investment Case.

In order to adhere to the stringent timelines and Defence’s unique set of learning needs, our approach factored in considerations such as accelerated timeframes due to ADC staff posting cycles, understanding the approval committee requirements for project funding, and the necessity for scalability of deliverables across varying initiatives.

Results : Sunstone delivered on every aspect of the DLTE Investment Case, including planning and strategic assurance activities to align with key Defence lines of activity. These deliverables enabled ADC to progress their Investment Case through the proper approval pathways, ensuring secure funding for the initiatives outlined in the E&T Roadmap.

The result was a comprehensive, precisely planned, and well-supported Investment Case that reflected the complexity of the DLTE and the ADC’s growing capability demands. The successful delivery of this project stands as a testament to Sunstone’s expertise and understanding of the Defence Learning Environment.

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