Designing a Modern Foundational Military Intelligence Capability

Implementation of Full Spectrum Targeting and Foundational Military Intelligence Capability in Defence Enterprise

Client: Defence Intelligence Group (ICI Branch)

Challenge: The Defence Intelligence Group (ICI Branch) sought to implement Full Spectrum Targeting and other critical intelligence and targeting capabilities across the Defence Enterprise. The success of this implementation relied on the development of DEF 109-1, a modern and scalable joint Foundational Military Intelligence capability. To achieve this, the ICI Branch required a team with extensive experience in Defence intelligence, targeting, and business processes.
Solution: Sunstone assembled a team of experts with deep experience in Defence intelligence and targeting enterprises. This team included professionals with diverse backgrounds, including the ICI Branch, ASD, and other internal and external organisations and agencies. The team possessed the necessary technical skills, financial modelling expertise, and program and project planning experience to support the implementation of DEF 109-1 effectively.

Sunstone understood the critical requirements of DEF 109-1. The solution needed to establish a secure, scalable, and resilient all-source data environment to deliver authoritative Foundational Military Intelligence. This capability would enable

Full Spectrum Targeting and Multi Domain Strike. The transition from the Modernised Integrated Database (MIDB) to the Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System (MARS) was a key component of DEF 109-1. Additionally, the solution aimed to develop a sovereign capability to manage nationally sensitive intelligence while maintaining integration and interoperability with FVEY partners.

The execution of DEF 109-1 required a structured program of works focused on phased delivery and adoption of a modern data platform. This platform would host and integrate the authoritative Foundational Military Intelligence data repository with supporting systems, processes, and tools. The solution had to meet the sovereign Joint and single-Service needs while enabling integration and collaboration with allies and multinational partners. Sunstone recognised the importance of working closely with the US and the broader FVEY community to ensure adherence to modern data management technologies, standard governance structures, agreed tradecraft requirements, and advancements in automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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